Welcome Bay Point Elementary families to Sunshine Math, an at home mathematics and problem solving enrichment program sponsored by the PTA. Sunshine Math is designed to enhance students’ appreciation and knowledge of mathematics by offering challenging and fun problems. Students in grades K-5 are welcome to participate in this voluntary program. Registration flyers will be sent home in student backpacks during the month of September. You can download a copy of the registration form here.

The program begins in October for students in grades 1-5 and in January for kindergartners. A copy of each assignment will be provided to your child and must be returned the following week. Worksheets are also available for download below and are listed by grade.

It is normal for a child NOT to be able to complete every problem on the worksheet. Remind your child that they are not expected to know all of the answers and that this is an opportunity to challenge themselves. The parent’s role is to encourage your child. Talk about the steps needed to solve a problem and support them as they think aloud, but please do not give the answers! Sometimes the problem may be too hard for your child and that’s OK – while the worksheets are graded, they are not part of your child’s grade at school.

Students will receive rewards periodically throughout the school year for participation.

Thank you for allowing your child to embark on this mathematical adventure! If you have any questions, please contact us at SunshineMath@bpepta.org.

Assignments can be downloaded by grade by following these links:
» Kindergarten
» 1st Grade
» 2nd Grade
» 3rd Grade
» 4th Grade
» 5th Grade